British Vocalist - Entertainer - Actor - Voice Over Artiste

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This page is Dedicated in Memory to BooBoo, my dearest cat.
Sadly taken away from me by a Hawk in 2012. Booboo is always in my Heart.
I am deeply saddened each and every day that she is not with me.

Her memory lives on in my fight to save and rescue any and all animals in need from Abandonment, Cruelty, Neglect and Abuse. I am an active animal rescue volunteer and welcome all my animal rescue friends around the world who have contacted me. We will never stop our fight to save our animal friends from cruelty, abuse, torture, abandonment, neglect..
I welcome you all .. Thank you for caring.

We have 10 Pets at our home.
All former rescued animals and now much loved and part of the family.  2 dogs, Spooky, a Collie mix, and Charlie, a Schnauser terrier, and 8 cats Angel, Sugar, Suzy, Chloe, Yogi, Heidi, Gracie, Baby Boy. Here is a selection of photos of our pets below. Some show the condition they were in upon arrival at our home.
All are now fully recovered  happy and healthy
enjoying their new life, in their new home.
Other photos show some of the other animals and rescue facilities we have worked with in our area.